Maine to Miami 2012

Maine To Miami

Starting July 23rd 2012

After completing a fantastic cycle ride 2 years ago down the West Coast of America, my fellow cyclist and I have decided to take on a new challenge. Yes that’s right folks, after all the pain and torture our bodies endured on the last ride, we’ve decided to do it again and this time it’s even further!

The ride we’ve chosen takes us back to the States, but this time to the East Coast. The route takes us along the Atlantic Coastline beginning in the picturesque city of Bangor, Maine and finishing in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. The mileage for this ride will be roughly 2400 miles and will take us through the States of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Florida. Our aim is to complete the ride over 6 weeks which means cycling anywhere between 60-70 miles per day.

Following the tradition of being totally unprepared for these trips, we haven’t really had a good look into the route or the challenges that we may face on this trip. We’ve always had the “turn up and see how it goes” attitude that’s served us perfectly so far but the plan is to follow the Adventure Cycling Association’s route and skipping a few of the excursions depending on the time constraints. Below is a description of the ride given by ACA.


As with the previous trip, we will be raising as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK. I hold this charity very close to my heart as I lost my mother a year ago to cancer and I’m sure everyone who reads this has known someone affected by this terrible disease. All proceeds go directly to the charity so any donations would be much appreciated. You can donate by following the link below.

Just Giving Donation Page

More Info on the Ride


In the Northeast, we’ll enjoy the flavor of quiet Maine coastal towns, New England villages, the rural countryside, and bucolic Amish farmlands. Once we cross the Mason-Dixon Line, which is the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland, we’ll ride into the South and get some exposure to Civil War history by visiting the battlefields at Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the city of Richmond, Virginia. Spurs lead into the various larger cities along this route. Due to changing local conditions, it is difficult to predict any major wind patterns. Humidity will be a challenging factor though.


This is one of the most challenging rides that Adventure Cycling has to offer, as it has many hilly areas where granny gears are needed to climb the steep hills. Northwestern Connecticut, the Susquehanna River area in Pennsylvania, and the country roads north of Richmond are extremely hilly. But we do have some easy riding to compensate, such as when biking the paths along the Potomac River in Virginia.


In the South, we’ll pass Baptist churches and develop a sense for that “old-time religion.” In contrast, we’ll pass through some highly developed areas in Florida to which throngs of tourists flock and where many people have retired. If biking the Outer Banks Alternate, we’ll get to see tools utilized by the famous Wright Brothers in their bicycle shop. Temperatures should be high throughout the ride with high humidity, though beach riding will be tempered by ocean breezes. Due to changing local conditions, it is difficult to predict any major wind patterns. Hurricanes can occur from July through November along the Atlantic Seaboard and can close roads along the Outer Banks Alternate.


While there is some hill climbing upon leaving Richmond, Virginia, generally the terrain is either rolling or flat.

Maps of the Ride

ACA Routes of USA


  1. It’s on! And this time it’s personal 🙂

  2. Wow, impressively! we wish you a good trip and be careful! We are a little jealous of you, we must work!! 🙂 greetings from Switzerland, André and Franziska (We will never forget our experience with the huskies in Ushuaia) 🙂

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