Posted by: robinson2000 | August 22, 2012

Entering the Peach State – Georgia

19th – 21st August

With a much needed night’s sleep behind us, we spent a leisurely morning pottering about the hotel, swimming in the pool and getting our laundry done. It doesn’t sound like much but to us it was heaven. Our plan for the day was simple, take it easy and recuperate. Our hotel was several miles away from Downtown Charleston so we unloaded everything from the bikes and took a slow ride into the city where we had a big lunch in a nice sports bar showing some NFL. Afterwards we went our separate ways as Chris hunted down some civil war sights and I browsed some shops and cycled around the harbour area. There wasn’t a huge amount to see but there were some lovely old houses and a couple of nice parks to go around. I ended up in the city’s aquarium, which was FREE for the day (otherwise $30), and tried my best to see the tanks with the least amount of children around. Thank goodness I didn’t pay an entrance fee as it wasn’t a very good aquarium, the highlight being an albino crocodile and a giant lobster. I met up with Chris later in the afternoon and we found a brewpub serving a number of ales and excellent food. I went for just the one rack of ribs that came up absolutely huge, but kind of regretted not going for the second for only 7 extra dollars.

Feeling much better after a second night of unbroken sleep, we left the relative luxuries of the Sleep Inn and turned back onto the busy Highway 17. We had a 65 mile ride ahead of us, which didn’t feel like much compared to the previous 2 days of 85 miles each, but nether less it still needed to be completed. The early parts of the ride were incredibly dull as we stuck of Highway 17 for about 40 miles before finally turning off and winding our way back to the ACA route, which we’d been away from for the last three rides. We went through a couple of run down looking towns, one which was called Yemassee, where lots of folks were just sitting around and waving at us. We didn’t ride at a spectacular speed but by 3pm we had finished the 65 miles and arrived at our KOA Campsite. It was situated right next to a Denny’s diner for breakfast and had a swimming pool and coffee house. Once the eccentric owner had settled us in and laughed at my request for a tent pitch with the least amount of insects, we had a swim in the pool and lounged around the campsite for the rest of the afternoon. In the evening they put on a small wine tasting session for the two of us as we did our best to sound like wine connoisseurs. We also bumped into tourers number 3 & 4 as a couple cycled in late in the evening and promptly rode off as it was too expensive.

With the lure of a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast to get out of bed for, we were both up early and packed away the wet tent in record time. I ordered 4 pancakes, toast, and a yogurt from the burly tattooed waitress but was surprisingly defeated by the forth pancake. The ride began with a two hour ride to the State border of Georgia, our 13th State of the ride. We took a couple of photos and plodded on along some of the worst roads we’d seen. One road was still being made as we slowly rode through 2 miles of sand. With a heavy bike it’s an absolute nightmare as the rear wheel kept skidding out to the side and almost toppling the bike. A few miles further on and we were stuck on a similar road except this time the sand got thicker and thicker to the point where we had to push the bikes. After ½ a mile on this silly road, it led us into a farmer’s field in the middle of nowhere. Thoroughly annoyed at the GPS device we turned around and trudged back to the tarmacked road a ½ mile back. The rest of the ride was fine as we rolled into the town of Statesboro and stopped at a restaurant for a late lunch. It was nice to be inside as every time we had stopped for a break on the road, we had been plagued and bitten by midges. So far the Peach State wasn’t being to kind with us. We ended the 75 mile day at Parkwood RV Park, where Chris discovered another broken spoke and I practised my back flips in the pool.

Total Mileage: 1818

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