Posted by: robinson2000 | July 30, 2012

3 States In 1

28th – 29th July

After a much needed sleep away from the tent, we awoke in our lovely expensive hotel room feeling thoroughly refreshed and ready to face the realities of the ride again. After making the most of the free buffet breakfast and squirreling away some bagels and muffins for lunch, we reluctantly left the tranquillity of the room, pushing our laden bikes past the breakfast diners who were gorging themselves senseless with little regard or care for the two poor cyclists. Our vague plan for the day was to have a slightly easier ride as we were both feeling the effects of the near 80 miles the previous day and Chris had suffered a busted rear spoke that needed some attention.

We pushed off at about 10am and into the busy traffic that was streaming along the highway. The sun was already quite fierce but by midday we were on the border of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Before crossing the border, we grabbed a bite to eat and one of the grotiest places I’ve ever at the misfortune of frequenting. It was run by a big lass with tattoos up her arms and consisted of an empty drinks fridge, a menu with 2 items, and reams of lottery scratch cards littered about the place. Needless the say, for the first time in my life I passed up the opportunity of food and polished off my smuggled goods from breakfast. Chris however, went for a flatbread cheese pizza which came out looking like something that a child had attempted in cookery class.

We pushed on through the afternoon to the town of Ayer, where we found a bike shop run by a big Boston-Irish chap called Chuck. He took an instant disliking to Chris but got his flunky to remove the wheel and fix the spoke. He turned out to be a pretty good guy as below his gruff accent he was really helpful and even suggested we pitch our tent in his backyard. We politely declined and rode off to the sound of him yelling “Peter, get this shit off my front yard and out of the rain”. As we sought shelter in a nearby café, the sky’s opened and we had torrential rain for the rest of the afternoon. Not wanting to spend a wet night in the tent, I phoned ahead to a B&B, 11 miles down the road. The rain was showing no signs of relenting so we bit the bullet and braved the elements. We turned up at Charlotte’s B&B looking like a couple of drowned rats but our host was very welcoming and sent us straight upstairs to a warm shower and a cup of tea.

The following day we were given the most amazing breakfast consisting of fruits, eggs, bacon and home baked muffins, two of which I managed to smuggle out for lunch. The weather had subsided so we covered 30 miles in the 2.5 hours. Facilities were becoming few and far between as all we’d seen all morning was the odd grocery store and very little else. Luckily I still had a muffin from breakfast as we’d stopped at a store that turned out just sold liquor. After another 15-20 miles we had left Massachusetts and entered briefly into Rhode Island, before heading westwards into Connecticut. We stumbled across a very strange little town where we grabbed a hot dog and sat down to consider out options for the night. Campgrounds were very sparse and we hadn’t been able to find the correct gas canister for our pocket rockets so we needed somewhere with a restaurant close by. What made this town strange was the number of weirdo’s we encountered in such a short space of time but by piecing together bits of what they said, we managed to locate a campsite called West Thompson Dam Campground. It was a nice enough place with a small Mexican restaurant nearby, run by a couple of tandem tourers. We swopped a few stories and then headed out for some food and a couple of beers. By 9pm we were both knackered and tucked up in our mosquito filled tent for an uncomfortably hot night’s sleep.

Total Mileage: 380

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