Posted by: robinson2000 | July 8, 2012

June – where is the time going?

With the ride ever approaching, June was a crucial month to prepare and train for the trip. Work was as hectic as ever and the summer weather was throwing up plenty of social events to keep me busy so getting the body up to speed was always going to be difficult. I was still managing 2-3 rides to work every week but that’s only 10 miles each way, which really just keeps the body ticking over rather than strengthening the legs for some of the gruelling mountain climbs I’m anticipating in the early stages of America. I still have visions of the first few days from the West coast trip where we were both grossly unprepared for the ride and our bodies went through hell as we climbed the rolling hills just north of Vancouver.  I vividly remember pleading with a man through the intercom to let us pitch our tent in his luxury RV park which specifically said “No Tents” as we were both spent after only 50 miles and couldn’t face riding on. Luckily with some persuasion he relented and without wanting to out-stay our welcome, Chris had an early night and I spent the evening in a jacuzzi overlooking the lake.

I did find a wonderful 50 mile ride that took me up to Sea Palling, headed along the coastline to Winterton before turning away from the coast and back to Norwich. This was the first time I had loaded the Dawes Galaxy up with the 2 rear panniers, the tent and the front handlebar bag so I was a little concerned as to how it, and I would hold up. Fortunately the bike rode perfectly and felt incredibly stable even when laden down, plus the weight of the bike helped to battle against the headwind which sweeps the north Norfolk coastline. It was on this ride that I started considering a name for this magnificent machine. My previous bike had been named Jessica as it had a graceful elegance to it and definitely a female temperament. The Galaxy is a much bigger, stronger and heavier bike and so far hasn’t let me down once so I’ve decided to call it Behemoth, as a symbol of its size and durability.

Before I forget, a mention must go out to the generous folks at Kingsway Cycles down in Cambridge who kindly serviced the bike and also donated several prizes for an upcoming fundraising event at Wymondham High School. The event was called ‘Abbey Film Night’ and was a fundraising evening for a couple of charities, including Cancer Research UK. The evening consisted of a dozen stalls that each of the forms had set up, a stocks (where I got soaked) and a presentation which ended up raising about £70. Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far. Donations are still trickling in and as it stands we’ve raised £445, so fingers crossed that will keep growing.

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