Posted by: robinson2000 | February 3, 2011

Adios Colombia, Hola Ecuador

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29th-31st January – Our last few days in Cali were spent in typical relaxed Colombian style. Cali is famous for its nightlife and in particular its salsa clubs so we organised a 90 minute lesson with a friend of the hostel owner Zarahy Domínguez. The salsa lesson was excellent except I felt I’d been thrown in to the bottom set as my fellow travellers struggled with the basics but it was hilarious to watch. Afterwards we were invited to a roof top party across the street where I was able to put some of my moves in to practise with a very patient and understanding Colombian girl. We managed to salsa for about an hour before I think she got fed up with me treading on her toes, but it was fun.

The temperatures soared during the middle of the day so the best place to be was out of the city in some of the parks. On two of the days we caught a bus to a small village called Pance which was situated high up in the hills above Cali. The temperatures were a bit cooler and there were lots of waterfalls and rapids to play around in. Chris managed to get himself swept down 3 tiers of rapids and lost his glasses in the process. Fortunately his luck changed and he somehow managed to find them at the bottom of the rapids. The next time he went down the rapids he somehow managed to get twisted sideways on and instead of going down feet first, he hurtled head first down into the plunge pool. Luckily he didn’t bang his head but he came out with some impressive bruising on his side. 

Colombia has been an amazing country to see with lots of friendly people, good food, stunning scenery and incredibly beautiful women. I don`t think we´ve ever seen more surgically enhanced women in any one area apart from Malibu, California. Even the dangerous cities still have a certain charm to them and the safety issues should not stop anyone from visiting. My Spanish is still gradually improving but the pronunciations are still causing difficulty. J´s are pronounced as H´s, V´s are pronounced as B´s and double L is actually a Y, along with dropping the S´s at the end of words, silent H´s, stressing the last syllable and rolling the R´s make Spanish a tricky language to get to grips with. We left Colombia with very early flight out of Cali back up to Bogotá and then down to Quito for the next leg of the journey. Hola Ecuador.

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