Posted by: robinson2000 | January 25, 2011

Bogota Blues

19th January – Apologies for the lack of blogs recently but there has been very little time to get on the net due to travel days and the lack of internet facilities where we are staying.  We said our goodbyes to the beautiful town of Suesca and headed back to the big bad city of Bogota. Our intention was to spend one night there and then catch the earliest bus to San Agustin the following day. The two hour bus ride back was pretty uneventful and we killed the rest of the day at the hostel, playing table tennis and watching some films. In the evening we had an enormous meal at an Argentinean restaurant and headed to bed for an early one. We had seen most of Bogota and had no interest in seeing anymore or getting mugged!

We were up early the following morning in preparation for the 12 hour bus ride ahead of us. We first caught a cab to the main bus terminal which was the other side of the city. We arrived about 8am haven been told that 11 buses a day went to San Agustin. The annoying thing was they all left at 9pm which left us with over 12 hrs to burn at a bus terminal with not a lot around except Dunkin Donuts and a few diners.

Following a Dunkin Donut breakfast we hailed a cab back to downtown Bogota and began killing sometime in the National Museum and the Planetarium, both of which would have been great if you could speak fluent Spanish. The highlight of the two was the bizarre room we found in the Planetarium which had a huge white rabbit from Alice and Wonderland laying dead in the middle of a chequered tiled room and in the background were images of rabbits getting killed or butchered. Quite strange (see the pictures). Once we were all Museumed out we grabbed a couple of pizza slices and sat down in a restaurant to eat. Minutes into our meal Chris Spicer discovered that his day bag including camera, MP3, journal, reading glasses (literally everything important to the man) had disappeared. It had been swiped beneath our very noses and was probably half way down the road until we realised. Poor Spicer couldn’t eat any of his pizza and sat in despair as Rice and I finished our lunches in shock and slightly relieved that it wasn’t ours. The afternoon was spent filling in a Police report down at the station and shopping around for a new MP3 and jumper for Spicer which was needed as the night buses are like mobile freezers. All in all it was a rubbish day from start to finish and we hadn’t even boarded the bus yet!

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