Posted by: robinson2000 | January 7, 2011

Back on the Road Costa Rica style

After spending a couple of months in England I returned to the Americas to meet my 2 gringo traveling buddies who had been enjoying themselves through Central America since I left them. My flight out to them took me first  to Atlanta, Georgia and then a connecting flight down to San Jose, Costa Rica. It was good to back in the US for a short time as I waited for my connecting flight in a bar and managed to strike up a conversation with a women who was in desperate need of battery power for her Iphone. She was from LA and produced reality TV shows for her living which she absolutely hated. She said she couldn’t bare to even watch them when they aired on television.

Finally after being couped up in a tin can for the majority of the day i touched down in Costa Rica and was greeted by a couple of very tanned and bearded friends. We grabbed a shuttle taxi from the airport and headed to Hostel Pangea located in the city center. First impressions of a city are never good when there is razor wire covering every building and heavy metal shutters clamped down over every doorway and window. The shuttle taxi pulled into the heavily security enforced gated compound which was our hostel that included free internet and a pool. After have a chat over a couple of drinks we all headed into the dorm room for what would of been a good nights sleep apart from the human foghorn that bellowed from one of the bunks.

The next day was spent in typically relaxing Caribbean fashion with very little accomplished. We looked around San Jose for a bit which was very uninteresting and hung out around the pool for most of the afternoon.  That evening was New Years Eve which we expecting to be a pretty wild and crazy evening. We got a taxi to the so called “party area” and were massively underwhelmed with the lack of life in any of the bars. The area was pretty safe as there were armed guards at either end of the street searching everyone who entered the area after a couple of Bavaria’s decided to go back to the main Plaza. We found a hotel bar that ended up being a legal brothel full of older Western guys with local women dripping from their arms. In the end we went back to the hostel to see in the New Year and watched a small firework display over the city from the roof top bar. After wards we were invited to a night club down the road which left you with as much hearing as a mole with ear plugs in.

On New Years day we decided to move onto the coastal resort of Puerto Veijo which was a typical Caribbean style town. Most of the locals spent their day surfing or inhaling illegal substances to pass the time. We stayed in a lovely guesthouse complete with its very own hammock. The next day after a rice and bean breakfast we hired a couple of surf boards and took on the waves which were over 6ft in some cases. Most of the time was spent fighting out to where the waves broke and then battle to not get the surf board thrown in you face. I managed to body board quite a few waves but only spent a grand total of 1 second standing on the board.

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  1. Hi Ben, nice to see you back “in the saddle without a bike”. Good Blog keep em coming when you can. I really feel that I have no inclination to visit San Jose 😀

  2. Hi Ben,
    You know how to have a good New Year!!!!!
    We had a quiet night in… works were great in London. Zoe went up with her boyfriend and got in at 4 am
    saw mum on wednesday while dad gave a talk, which went well.
    stay safe and enjoy yoursselves.
    Love, Sue and Mick xx

  3. Good to have you back, mate! Here’s to an excellent 6 months 🙂

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