Posted by: robinson2000 | September 28, 2010

Within Sight of the Border!

22nd September

Only 2 days of riding till the border. A short day of 48 miles today and 50 miles tomorrow would get us there. On leaving the campsite I lost Chris for the first hour of the day but managed to find him finishing his breakfast in yet another Denny’s. The miles were easy today although our legs were tired from 10 straight days of pedalling I think we were finally conditioned to it. It also helped having virtually flat terrain and a beautiful sunny south Californian day to ride through.

The first part of the day took us through parts of a US military base. We cycled past trucks loaded with high explosives, apache helicopters moving crates of ammunition onto a warship and part of the ride took us onto a runway. As we neared the heart of the base we were denied entry due to Chris not having a helmet by a guard who took his job way to seriously. He directed us onto an Interstate road to get around the base which is where I broke my 5th spoke on my new touring wheel!

We arrived at our destination Encinitas and found a bike shop to fix my spoke and also to replace my rear wheel tyre which had worn dangerously thin. We rolled into San Elijo Beach Park around 3pm but weren’t allowed to pitch up until gone 4pm so we headed down to the beach to body surf in the waves. Again the ground was rock hard so we had to tie our tent between 2 tree’s but it didn’t matter as this was our last night in the tent!

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