Posted by: robinson2000 | September 17, 2010

A Roaring Tailwind

16th September

After an ok night in the tent i woke to find the whole campground covered in fog and mist which made the tent soaking wet and a nightmare to pack away. I left the site pretty early due to the lack of showers and pushed on 8 miles to Gorda for breakfast. I ordered an interesting choice on the menu called a “smoked stack” which turned out to be a charred set of pancakes!

After 3 tough days of climbing and lots of miles, I decided to do a short 40 mile ride to Cambria. The first hour of the ride was spent climbing up 2 mountainous peaks each reaching nearly 1000 foot each. The first one taking half hour in my easiest gear. The ride down was fantastic thou as the road swept beautifully down the side of the mountain and finally onto some flat farmlands. Once on the flats the wind behind me was terrific and pushed me effortlessly along at a fast 20 mph.

Along the final stretch of the day i passed a famous beach where sea lions and elephant seals bask in the sun. As i approached the area from a distance i first thought that the beach was covered in drift wood but as i got closer i realised that the beach was covered in hundreds of sea lions. I stopped to take some photo’s with a bunch of other tourists and managed to also see my first elephant seal lounging around next to the surf. The thing was a monster and weighed about 5000 pounds.

I rolled into the campground about 3pm and had a relaxing afternoon looking around the town and watching a Mexican family passing the time by throwing stones at squirrels. Luckily the squirrels were to smart for them and no one got hurt.

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  1. Hi Ben, that is quite a colony of seals. Hope your legs and bike are holding up under the speed. You certainly are getting to see some wonderful sights. Lots of love x

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