Posted by: robinson2000 | September 16, 2010

The Big Sur

15th September

After 4 straight nights away from the tent it was quite nice to be back inside of it for the 1st few minutes until you remember that its virtually impossible to get a descent nights sleep and that night was no different. We were rudely awoken by the park ranger at 8am demanding money for the pitch which we had conveniently forgotten to pay the previous evening which wasn’t the best of wake up alarms. Headed back down the hill for an excellent breakfast in Monterey consisting of 4 monster pancakes and a lot of maple syrup.

Ahead of us was the world-famous road called the Big Sur which is often featured in films. When you see dramatic shots of a sports car racing along a highway with sheer cliffs overlooking the ocean it’s probably been filmed along that road. After a steep hill out of Monterey we were suddenly thrust into the most amazing landscape of the trip so far. Words won’t really do it justice so just check out the photo’s. The day was described as being difficult due to all the climbs but it was all worthwhile when you got to tear down the other side through hair pin bends at terrifying speeds.

The only draw back to the area was the eating joints were few and far between. I ended up eating in a very quiet “town” called Lucia which consisted of one restaurant and absolutely nothing else. Due to the amazing views and lack of anything they charged the earth for even the most basic of meals. After 60 miles I called it a day and camped up in Kirk Creek Campground which overlooked the Pacific Ocean. The only downside was the lack of shower facilities and electricity so it ended up being a very early night in the tent. Finally seeing signs to L.A. which is the next major city that we are approaching. It’s currently about 280 miles away which is exciting and only about 400 left to do overall.

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