Posted by: robinson2000 | September 14, 2010

Out of San Fran & into the Wilderness

13th September

After an excellent couple of days in the city of hills we were happy to push on with the next stage of our journey. We had spent the previous afternoon cycling around the sights without any weight which was fun as we could dart in and out of the traffic quickly and generally cause a nuisance for the motorists. We cycled up to Fisherman’s Wharf to see our third Aquarium of the trip,  and then  cycled over to the famous crooked road that snakes its way down Lombardi Street. On the way back to the hostel we thought it would be a good idea to pop into a bike shop and pump the tyre’s up fresh, ready for the long haul ahead. As I attached the floor pump to my inner tube and racked up the pressure to 120 psi I was devastated to hear the hiss of air escaping my wheel. I had torn a small hole in the rubber around my valve which counts as the first real puncture of the trip and it happened in a bike shop without even riding!

We the left the hostel about 10am that morning after stocking up on FREE bagels and cream cheese in the kitchen. Our first challenge was to get out of San Fran which is simply huge. After an hour and a half of stop start riding up pretty steep climbs we were finally free of the suburban sprawl. After another hour of slow climbing and howling headwinds we finally got back to the coastal road along an area nicknamed Devils Slide because the road clings desperately to the sheer cliffs and drops steeply down to the water below without any real barrier. At the same time another one of my spokes popped out on the rear wheel which now takes the count up to 4 this trip. I think a new rear wheel is in order at the next town. After cycling through a couple of small towns called Half Moon and Montara we were once again on the open rolling roads and the sun had come out to join us. The miles ticked down quickly and by 4.15pm we rolled into a destination. We stayed at Pigeon Point Lighthouse which is in the middle of nowhere and is famous for being the second highest lighthouse in the US. It also has a small hostel attached with really basic facilities but quite nice all the same. Once I had showered and felt normal again I wondered over to the cliffs next to the lighthouse and saw hundreds of pelicans nesting and 3 dolphins sploshing about in the waves. At certain times of the year you can see elephant seals the size of cars basking on the rocks below but today they were hiding.

Since we were miles from anywhere, dinner consisted of loads of pasta, pasta sauce and lots of cheese with a mars bar for desert. We also sponged a small amount of mince from a lady to complete our feast for the evening. Tomorrow brings a 16 mile ride before breakfast, a new rear wheel and 76 miles along the coast.

Todays mileage : 53

Top Speed : 36

Music : Various dance music

Total Punctures : 1

Total Busted Spokes : 4

Mood : Focused



  1. Good to hear you’re pushing on , despite a ? new wheel/tyre at the next big town. It’s getting really autumnal here what’s it like your way?? Take care Sx

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