Posted by: robinson2000 | September 13, 2010

Onto San Fran

After a couple of days rest from the bike we decided to head off from Cresent City and start knocking down some of the 350 miles to San Fransisco. Northern California is actually quite a sparsely populated area and includes lots of hills and plenty of lonely stretches of two lane highways etched into the cliffs overlooking the Ocean. Below are the mileage’s that we clocked up over that week.

4th Sep – 60 miles

5th Sep – 72 miles

6th Sep – 53 miles

7th Sep – 53 miles

8th Sep – 72 miles

9th Sep – 62 miles

10th Sep – 40 miles

This was also the first time that we came across the giant Redwood tree’s that lined the road. The route took us off highway 101 for about 70 miles on a road called Avenue of Giants which snaked its way through a mountainous forestry area. On a couple of mornings we cycled through heavy patches of fog and mist which meant visibility was down to only a few metres. On the first day out of Cresent City we ascended a huge 1200 footer that seemed to take forever as we crept up through the cold fog. At the top of the mountain it was bright sunshine but as soon as we plunged into the terrifying descent we were covered in mist and shivering again.

As we left the Avenue of the Giants we were faced with the biggest climb yet. A 2000 ft hill called Leggett Hill stood between us and the Pacific Ocean which we were slowly heading towards. Just as we were about test ourselves on the highest point on the entire route, i heard a spoke pop out on the rear wheel again (the third of the trip). This made the back wheel wobble slightly and make a horrible rubbing sound as you pedal. My heart sank as I checked the map to find out that we were about 100 miles from the nearest bike shop. With headphones in to blot out the noise of the wheel we strained up the hill at a snail’s pace and after 40 minutes of pedalling we were on top.

As we sailed down Leggett Hill we were back to the coastal road heading South with a nice tailwind to push us along. Eventually we reached a town called Fort Bragg to get my spoke fixed and the tyres pumped up to their optimum pressure. We also treated ourselves to a hotel called Hill House in Mendocino which was where Murder She Wrote was filmed.

The miles that followed this were the best of the trip by far. We joined up with the freshly tar-macked Highway 1 which snaked its way along the coast and provided some breathtaking views and hair-raising corners to hurtled around. After 6 nights in the tent we finally rolled into San Fransisco and over the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge for a well-earned rest and some much needed calories. Enjoy the photo’s.

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  1. Great to hear your update, missed your blog. Fab pics! Keep going and take care, C x

  2. Hi Ben, glad you are back to blogging. Fantastic progress. Great Photos. Love Carol and Colin x

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