Posted by: robinson2000 | September 11, 2010

The Golden State

2nd September

Still feeling pretty tired from our previous 3 days of pedalling we decided we couldn’t wait any longer for California which was only 30 miles South of us. We packed up and had a leisurely breakfast and then hit the road. The road was dead flat for most of the way and within a couple of hours we had cleared the distance. We rolled into Cresent City just after lunchtime which had a bit of life to it and caught our first movie in an american cinema which was totally empty.

We camped in a private campground which was next to a harbour full of fishing boats. On one of the boats a fisherman was filleting his catch for the day and chucking any leftovers into the water below where 4-5 huge sea lions were waiting. Each one must of weighed over 500 pounds and the noise that they made could be heard for miles. 

Pictures will follow soon.



  1. Hi Ben,
    Good to hear from you again. Hope the tent dried out and that you’re both eating well . Got to keep the calorie intake up!! Mum does really get alot out of the phone calls especially on her new phone. Think Dad likes it too. We’re all trying to keep their spirits up but now Vicky is home Dad has someone to cook for him..Only joking he’s doing ok and mum is able to raise a smile and a laugh. Take care of yourselves.
    Love Sue & Mick xx

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