Posted by: robinson2000 | September 1, 2010

Approaching the Cali Border

30th August

After a much-needed break that included sand dune surfing which was fun but i was left feeling sore after a couple of high speed falls, we departed Jessie M. Honeyman Park in the pouring rain. It had actually been raining all night and we woke up to find our tent literally floating on top of a giant puddle. We packed up as quick as possible but as much as we tried most of our freshly washed clothes got wet and our tent was looking an absolute disgrace. We pushed on to find breakie which ended up being a 17 mile fight through the rain and wind which was now blowing from south to north for some strangely irritating reason. We finally found food at about 11.30 in a small dingey cafe just off the road. We were dripping wet and quite cold by then. After a few rounds of warm coffee and a chat to a fellow tourer called Mark who was experiencing the same difficulties we set off again into the elements. After pushing on another 27 miles through rough conditions we decided to call it a day in a place called Coo’s Bay. We dived into the nearest motel to dry off our stuff and to discover that i had 2 broken spoke on the back wheel. Not a good day.

31st August

Due to the previous days exploits the first port of call was the local bike shop a couple of miles down the road. Fortunately they weren’t that busy and had my wheel looking as good a new within half hour. The weather had changed for the better so we headed off from our motel at 12pm and hit the road hard. By 5pm and 57 uneventful miles behind us we rolled into Port Orford and treated ourselves to a huge milkshake and a fish and chip dinner partly to make up for the long day but also to gain some weight. Both of us are looking much slimmer than usual and Chris who’s pretty small anyway is turning into a skeleton. After dinner we pushed on another 8 miles whilst the sun was setting over the Pacific and camped up in a beautiful spot deep in the woods. Lets pray for no more rain.


1st September

Our final day in Oregon! Tomorrow we will be over the border and whizzing through our last State. Lets just ignore the fact that its supposed to be incredibly hilly and 1038 miles long! We set off early from the campsite with just a cereal bar and a banana inside of us. We knew it was 21 miles before the nearest town so we wanted to get there before our stomachs complained too much. By 12pm we reached a small town called Gold Beach and feasted on a ham sandwich & chips. We pushed on further into the afternoon through some wonderful areas of the coast, probably the best we’ve seen in Oregon and amazingly we reached a speed of 44.7 mph on one of the downhills! We are staying in a town called Brooking’s tonight before heading over the border tomorrow for California.

Mileage over the last 3 days : 165

Max Speed : 44.7 mph

Body : Aching all over from crashing in the sand dunes

Music : The Shins, Bloc Party & Eminem

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  1. […] was raining ‘buckets’ all over the place! Everything was soaked. By the time Ben and I had got up […]

  2. Hi Ben,

    As you enter California, any plans to camp at Yosemite so that Archie can make some new ‘bear’ friends?


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