Posted by: robinson2000 | August 26, 2010

2 States Down

24th August

The day began typically with a huge breakfast washed down with multiple cups of coffee the clear the cobwebs from sleeping in the tent. It was our last day in Washington and only 12 miles from the border so we were feeling pretty excited about crossing the border and hitting our mental target of 2 States down and 2 to go.

We set off just a past 10am and within 45 minutes we had the border in our sights. The crossing consisted of cycling over the Columbia River that runs between the 2 States and over the Astoria Bridge which is over 4 miles long and pretty windy. We rode fast with our heads down as there wasn’t much of a shoulder and the traffic was coming up the side of us at quite a speed. We turned into Astoria at the end of the bridge and found an excellent bike shop where I hoped they would be able to have a quick look over the back wheel even thou it hadn’t made a sound for the past 60 miles. They declared it safe to ride so we had a look round town and headed off about 2pm.

The afternoon session was an absolute scorcher! The heat coming off the road was insane and we had to stop after an hour of hard pedalling in a service station to pick up some fluids. We had managed to cover 17 miles thou since Astoria in the last hour which we were very proud of.

The final stretch in the day saw us climbing up a couple of 500 footers which almost finished me off but the views from the top were tremendous. We also hit our max speed so far of 39 mph which was terrifying. We arrived shortly after that at a campsite at 6pm after covering 63 hot and hard miles. The campsite was wonderful and situated right next to the beach with a small town just next door. We feasted hard that night and collapsed into a heavy slumber to recover from our exerts.

25th August

REST DAY! A much needed break from the saddle and what a better way to recline than on a beach next to the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately the wind coming from the ocean was really chilly and the water, although fun to play in the thunderous rolling waves was absolutely freezing. Also looking down to see a hairy caterpillar sucking on your arm wasn’t the most relaxing parts of the day. Oh well back on the bike tomorrow.

p.s  Sorry for the lack of photo’s but the computers we have been using haven’t allowed us to upload any.


  1. Trip sounds exciting. Glad to hear your’re relaxing even if it means a hairy caterpillar on your arm. Prehaps it upset it too.

    Take care, look forward to hearing the next episode of your travels.

    Sue & Mick x

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