Posted by: robinson2000 | August 24, 2010

Don’t Ever Go To Aberdeen

21st August

This was supposed to be our rest day after 3 long days on the saddle. Unfortunately Montesano was a relatively small and sleepy town so there was nothing to do. We decided to push on 10 miles instead to a town that looked slightly bigger on the map than Montesano called Aberdeen. We rolled into town mid afternoon to be faced with empty shells of building, run down shops and generally quite a rough & hostile feel to the place. There was also no campsites near town so we bought a night in a motel that seemed quite central. To add to the growing sensation that we should have bypassed this town, my rear wheel was making some awful noises. That night we had a quick walk around town for a meal but there was nothing open and nothing looked particularly inviting so we dived in a pizza hut, had a quick meal and ended up back at the motel for a night in front of the TV.

22nd August

The next day, after an excellent nights sleep in a proper bed, we packed up our stuff and headed to a diner down the road from the motel. As we were locking up the bikes out front a local man who claimed to be a true native american indian gave us a blessing for our journey by doing a traditional dance for us. Once he had finished he demanded money for a beer. It was 9am in the morning which was a little sad!

We hit the road about 10am and had a windy stretch of 20 miles towards the coastline. The road was busy and heavy with traffic and the headwind was relentless, add to that the noise my bike was making i thought the back wheel was about to implode. About halfway down the stretch i felt a thud on my hand and was shocked to see that a plastic cup of ice had just been thrown at me from a truck and hit square on the hand. I stopped in shock to check everything was ok as Chris pulled up beside me to say that the same truck had just hit him on the leg with a piece of fruit!

Finally we reached a nice stretch of road and headed South on highway 101. We rode for another 2 hours at an average speed of 20 mph with an excellent tail wind and reached our destination Raymond by 3pm. With 50 miles behind us we decided to have a quick look around town before finding a campsite. Raymond was much better than Aberdeen but lacked any life. We sat in a cafe on the main high street and barely saw a soul. We decided to press on to find a place for the night. After another 13 miles we finally came across a nice little campsite called Bruce Port County Park.We had cycled 63 miles that day and it was about 6.30pm by the time we got our tent up.

After a much-needed shower our stomachs were ready for food. Not wanting to go to far afield we started cycling back down the road still with a very dodgy sounding rear wheel. After 3 miles and still no sign of food we stopped a the bottom of someone’s driveway and asked the owner of the house where the nearest grocery store or restaurant was. It turned out we were in the middle of nowhere and the nearest place to get food was still 6-7 miles on. With a slightly dejected look about us, the old lady took pity and generously offered us a bag of crisps, with some dip and half a cantaloupe melon. We thanked her kindly and offered her some money but she was having none of it and sent us on our way.

Back at the campsite we sat down to eat our feast when another couple of strangers approached and offered us a couple of banana’s and 2 muffins. We then met another cyclist who had been on the road for 2.5 years solid and had covered most of the States on his $25 bike. He was 65 years old! We crashed into the tent about 9pm with our stomachs full of free food and slept like a log.


  1. Do you think it was the American Indian that chucked the stuff at you – praps he didnt like the beer you gave him!

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