Posted by: robinson2000 | August 24, 2010

An Apparent Cycle!

20th August

A lazy 9am start  to the day and another top breakfast of 3 giant pancakes and syrup. We hit the road at 11.15 and knocked up 27 miles in the first 2 hours of riding through some beautiful flat roads. We reached a town called McCreary for lunch and decided to treat ourselves to a Subway sandwich. As we were queueing up to be served a lady sitting down said “Do you mind stepping a few steps back. Your cycle is very apparent” completely oblivious to how rude she sounded. Maybe we did smell a little ripe but after living out of a pannier the size of a small lunchbox for 2 weeks you can hardly blame us. Still fuming from the lunchtime outburst we gunned onto Montesano on freeway 12 into a monster headwind in which we had to fight for every mile. Made it to camp and Lake Sylvia at 4.15 after completing 55 miles that day.

Total mileage : Approx 500 miles

Mood : Happy

Music : Broken Bells

Punctures : still zero


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