Posted by: robinson2000 | August 21, 2010

Finally a Good Nights Sleep!

After spending 2 nights in Victoria, resting the legs and catching up on some much needed sleep we decided to push off. We had both decided enough was enough and invested in a couple of good quality mattress’ so that we could actually get more that a couple of hours sleep each night and so far they have been worth their weight in gold.

We began the day after a bucket load of pancakes and coffee with a quick 16 mile ride north of Victoria to a ferry terminal where we could catch a ferry to mainland America. At border control i was ready for a thorough interrogation and had my game face on but they were mostly smiles and it was a piece of cake to get through and onto the ferry. The windy 2 hour ferry crossing took us around some Islands where whales are in abundance. I think i saw a fin splash out of the water but on second thoughts it was probably just a wave.

We touched down in Anacortes, our first taste of America and of Washington State. We rode South through some beautiful scenery with rolling hills and farmers fields as far as the eye can see. We reached out destination Fort Casey about 5.30pm after covering a total of 52 miles for the day. We ended up camping very near a deserted Fort in a lovely empty field, grabbed a fish a chip supper and had an early night.


Chris making it up a large hill in Washington.

Deception Pass.


Camping in Fort Casey next to the Lighthouse.

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