Posted by: robinson2000 | August 14, 2010

Who’d of thought the West Coast isn’t as flat a Norfolk!

We’ve completed the first 3 days of cycling and covered just over 150 miles. We started the journey by pedaling in the opposite direction North of Vancouver for about 80 miles until we caught a ferry and crossed over onto Vancouver Island and started our journey South which feels much better.

The first day was absolute hell. We only completed 48 miles but it was over some of the most brutally steep hills that I’ve ever encountered. The gradient was so sharp at points we would be crawling up them in bottom gear and still struggle to push the pedals round slowly. When we finally reached the top of the hill we were left gasping for air and dripping with sweat. It went on like this for most of the day and was totally gruelling. When we finally reached the destination which was a small resort about 5.30pm we were told that tents weren’t allowed in. After much pleading with the owner (i think he could sense the desperation in my voice) he reluctantly let us pitch up and we both collapsed in a heap of exhaustion and dehydration. The place was stunning thou. It overlooked a Marina full of exotic yachts and even had a hot tub to relax in under the stars.

The second day was much better. The hills seemed to flatten out slightly and undulated gently for most of the day. The temperature was well in to the 30’s but it didn’t matter as there was a cool breeze coming off the shore. I think we hit our new top speed of 38 mph down one of the hills which is pretty scary when you have the weight of a baby elephant on the back of the bike.

On the third day we left ourselves 55 miles to complete to reach Rathtrevor Beach Park. Again the sun was beating down all day but after the initial rush to catch the ferry the miles ticked down very easily. The route took us along the coast of Vancouver Island so we were constantly looking out over the bay and the roads were the best I’ve ever cycled over. By 2.30pm i had completed the 55 miles and reached the campsite. Unfortunately for Chris he missed the turn and went 5 miles on in the wrong direction. Over an hour after i had arrived he turned up looking very tired and in need of a rest.

Miles Completed: 156

Top Speed: 38 mph

Punctures: 0

Mood: Optimistic

Music of the moment: Sea Sick Steve


  1. Wow Ben, sounds very hard, but great at the same time.

  2. Keeping track of your progress Ben, keep up the good work! Look forward to the next installment C x

  3. So far so good Ben and Chris. Love readingabout the progress. Scenery sounds stunning. Shouldnt you cycle together then Chris wont get lost again! Good luck on the next leg. x

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