Posted by: robinson2000 | August 10, 2010

The Case Of The Missing Pedals

August 9th 2010

Day two of the trip and its already been a whirlwind couple of days. We arrived at the London Gatwick at a very sleepy 6.30am and said our goodbyes to the parents who had done a sterling job of getting us there that early. The check-in went really smoothly apart from the fact that our plane was delayed by 2.5 hours but that didn’t really matter. The plane ride was pretty good except for the abundance of crying children and the lack of good films but we arrived in Vancouver around 2pm local time.

The big moment had arrived, the moment when we retrieved our precious luggage that has been manhandled by the baggage handlers. First off was the panniers which have 2 plastic clips on each that attaches it to the bike. Without these there would be a major problem but luckily everything was intact. We then went over to the oversized baggage where we prayed our bikes would be. As we approved the 2 bike boxes we realised something wasn’t quite right. Chris’s box was on its side and wide open. As the horror unfolded we discovered that his 2 pedals which had been  removed from the bike to fit into the box were missing and also his 50 pound lock! On the plus side my box was fully intact. We spoke to a baggage handler who was very helpful but informed us that the pedals were not in the hull of the plane and had probably fallen out in London! As we were working out what to do i decided to unpack my bike and assemble it. As i was rummaging around the box and checking that everything was in order i came across a couple of bubble wrapped packages. To my delight i realised that one was my pedals and the others were Chris’s!  We eventually got the bikes assembled in the middle of the airport and hit the road.

My first reaction to Canada once i realised i had to cycle on the right was how smooth the tarmac was. It was an absolute delight to cruise over the first few miles and we ploughed up to the city centre.  Unfortunately that didn’t last long as we puffed and panted up a couple of large hills. After an hour of sweaty & sleep deprived cycling we made it to Jericho Beach Hostel. Our dorm room consisted of 14 males in bunk beds which was interesting!

After a shower we caught a bus into Downtown Vancouver and rewarded our efforts with an expensive meal and a few beers to wind down. Hit the sack about 11pm after being up for the last 30 hours.

On day two we did some cycling around Stanley Park and went to see the Aquarium as it was raining.  Enjoy the pictures. If you look closely you may be able to spot Archie.


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