Posted by: robinson2000 | August 6, 2010

2 Days Until Take Off!

With less than 48 hours before we fly the last minute packing and preparation has started. Most of this week has been spent training on the bike and tinkering with it. I had a broken spoke at the start of the week which wasn’t a great start but since I’ve had that fixed the bike appears to be running perfectly (fingers crossed). Did a couple of nice runs around Orpington, Bromley, Biggin Hill & Westerham, all of which have lovely big hills to practise on. It still never gets any more enjoyable crawling slowly up a steep incline and counting the cats eyes pass you at an alarmingly slow pace. However it is all good training and I hope it will pay off at the start of the ride as Vancouver is rumoured to have plenty of mountains surrounding it.


Earlier I packed the bike up into its special box and filled every remaining space with bubble wrap. I had to remove pedals, wheels and lower the saddle in order for it to fit properly. It was only when I was about to duck tape the entire box shut when I realised that I had completely forgotten to pack the wheels in the box!


With all that packing finished & everything sorted out it’s just a case of waiting till Sunday morning. We have to be up at 5.30am in time to get to London Gatwick by about 6.30am. We then have to go through the nightmare of checking in two bikes, four panniers and a tent, and pray that they all come out alive and intact on the other side. Once we get to Vancouver we have to assemble the bikes at the airport and cycle about 10 miles into Downtown Vancouver for a much needed rest and a beer at the Jericho Beach Hostel where we will spend 2 nights acclimatising and doing some sight seeing. If everything that I’ve just mentioned goes that smoothly I will be a very happy camper!  

Ignore the crate of Stella Artois.

Please ignore the crate of Stella. Its definately not coming with me.



  1. Nice one! Will need your advice early in the a.m at Gatwick to get Saira packed up nicely!

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